May 6-7 2017

 Our Mission 

The Anaheim Cinco de Mayo Fiesta has been a Non-Profit organization through the California Secretary of State since 1971. Our committee was created to promote Hispanic American Cultural Activities in efforts to benefit our Community. We feel that we will accomplish our goal with the help of supporters and local businesses like yours.

 Our History 

What began with a small group of parents and assistants of the ESEA and ESL programs at Fremont Jr. High and Anaheim High School as an annual fiesta to introduce the Hispanic Culture in to our community more than four decades ago has evolved into one of Orange County’s oldest celebrations, with more than 100,000+ spectators from all walks of life, expected during the festival’s four days.

When the celebration moved from Anaheim High School to La Palma Park in the early 1970s, attendance jumped substantially. The celebration grew from a few families and small community groups selling food and refreshments to amusement park rides and a stage for folkloric groups and mariachis.

Despite its growth, the celebration at La Palma Park in Anaheim has remained a drug and alcohol free family affair.

One of the original Founders (Joel A. Guerena who passed away in 1997) families has continued to manage the fiesta throughout the years. There of course have been many volunteers along with their families who get involved, working hundreds of volunteer hours on the festival 11 months of the year.

What started as a small Fiesta of food booths and local entertainment has turned into a large four day carnival including a soccer tournament, scholarship awards, and well recognized entertainment in the music industry. Our Fiesta Soccer Tournament takes place right side of our ongoing Fiesta event as sixteen local power house soccer clubs battle it out to determine who the reigning Fiesta Champion is. Mr. Guerena began this tournament between the teams he owned, played in, and managed. The Jaycox Soccer Club (later known as Anaheim Cruz Azul,) sent an invitation for a friendly match of soccer with a team from Cruz Azul in Hidalgo, Mexico, one of that country’s most powerful clubs. That led to the annual soccer tournament at the Cinco de Mayo festivities which has continued until this day.

The Cinco de Mayo festival has become one of the biggest events of the year for many Orange County and Los Angeles County residents. Many attending the fiesta remember coming here as children, and now reunite with old friends each year while enjoying the great family friendly environment. With the great support of The City of Anaheim, our event succeeds family friendly by providing police, cleanup crews, electricity and other assistance, alone with their sponsorship.

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